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It's time to launch. It's time to Invest

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An IPO is when a company launches onto a stock market to attract investors so it can grow.

Rules and regulations governing this activity are supplied at our website at

all participants must pass KYC AML procedures to hold a valid brokerage account at SSX Brokers NV. Details can be

found online or email

Are you a Company who wants to launch an IPO
and see your company grow?

Are you an investor who wants to invest an
exciting company and see your investment grow?

We do both All your phone. Mobile IPO.

Mobile IPO is built for Companies.

  • List your company on our streamlined Startup Exchange and gain a new audience of investors
  • Approved companies with real growth prospects gain access to Mobile IPO to showcase their IPO
  • Connect to investors easily - tell your story, share its potential and bring them along for your journey

Mobile IPO is built for Investors.

  • Choose from a world of vetted, dynamic early stage companies
  • Once approved to invest the entry level to buy shares is only £250
  • Easily keep up to date with the progress of all investments
  • And trade on our proprietary plateform to sell your shares as the company grows in value

A new model - Connect.

Mobile IPO works like YouTube

  • It's space where people like PewDiePi
  • create great channels to tell their story
  • find a following and
  • make US$ 15m a year doing what they do best for an audience who want to see them
Mobile IPO has created a platform for companies to
  • showcase their ideas and inspire with their story
  • connect with investors who will
  • inject the resources for them to reach their potential.

A new model - Collaborate.

YouTube recently revealed that the average YouTube mobile session is 40 minutes and claimed that YouTube now reaches more 18 to 49-year-olds than any single US cable network. YouTube users are creators and collaborators in the way they consume and champion.

Mobile IPO allows great ideas to grow by bringing in a mass audience of small backers who will champion the business/idea/product, become users, followers as well as having a vested interest as investors.

Mobile IPO connect companies and investors that traditional stock exchanges might overlook filling the gap between crowdfunding and big board stock exchanged.

Connection creates collaboration and when both sides get to participate - gteat stuff happens !

How does it work for Companies?
  • List your company on our Startup Exchange get the chance to be showcased on Mobile IPO
  • Gain access to the next level of investors for your new company
  • Get used to a regulated environment to strengthen with existing investors or provide an exit feeling up liquidity for new investors
  • Take advantage of the capital Superhighway - our innovative fintech products to support your company in growth stages including digitally delivering all news, information, updates and opinions without the company having to do it
  • Nurturing and communicating with your investors in this way is the key to helping you grow, be known and have the capital you need to make sure your idea works and gets to market.
  • Building something big is all about the foundations. We help you build the strongest foundations
  • To find out more go to

How does it work for Investors?

Follow our easy application process on to open a brokerage account. Complete the clear KYC and AML procedures and once approved you can buy common shares in our vetted SME right here on your mobile phone.

  • Decision-making is easy. In depth information about the company is at the touch of a button
  • Store and instantly access your portfolio
  • Keep up to date with progress of all your investments as they connect with you via our digitally delivered platform
  • See the company grow, Supported by the Capital SuperHighway
  • Trade on our proprietary platform to sell your shares as the company increases in value
  • Recommended to friends
  • Gain followers and be part of the community

Statiscally, there has never been a better time than now to start your own business

With MobileIPO, the Startup Stock Exchange and The Capital Superhighway, Companies and their investors can grow together.

But how far can you go? What are your ambitions? How BIG do you want to be? HUGE?

Only you and your business partners can answer that, but success is all about the foundations, where you start. And it’s in the beginning that getting the right direction makes all the difference. By listing your venture on Mobile IPO

The MobileIPO App is under development and will be available September 2017.

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The culture is coming. The worlds first mobile IPO.